Reasons To Get Factory Security

Security services are a significant expense. While examining your budget for the next quarter, you may wonder if you can afford it if you want it but don't absolutely need it. However, security services can offer more benefits than you ever expected. Learn more about why you should get security for your factory today.

1. Protect Employees

Employees deserve protection from each other and any outside adversaries who may want to harm them. Security on-site can prevent scuffles before they develop into something more dangerous. Out of the 5,333 workplace fatalities that occurred in 2019, 761 involved intentional harm to one employee by another employee.

Security can also protect employees from stalkers and other aggressors by preventing them from entering the facility and calling the police. 

2. Prevent Theft

Many factories build and store expensive cargo. If left unattended, people will, unfortunately, attempt to steal valuable items. Just earlier this year, 5 people were caught stealing 10 new Ford vehicles from a Ford factory (with a potential value of $1,000,000+). Security can prevent similar incidents from happening at your factory. 

Security protects your factory from outside thieves by monitoring who enters the building. Security will also monitor theft by employees by monitoring attendance and access to secure locations on the premises. Video cameras can also help catch someone who gets tempted to steal. With video proof, you also have a better chance of prosecuting the guilty party. 

3. Optics 

The truth of the matter is that most factories don't experience regular incidents. However, security can still be worth far more than the monthly bill due to the sense of security they provide employees and guests. Potential employees will be more likely to work at your factory if they see that you take employee security seriously. They will also be deterred to escalate incidents at the workplace. 

Furthermore, clients will be more likely to do business at a facility that they consider secure. If you don't need security on a regular basis, consider hiring security for special occasions or when welcoming certain guests. 

4. Support Local Business

Many security guards work for small businesses or work as independent contractors. Since you will be working with small companies or contractors, you will have the opportunity to personalize your services and develop a relationship with the security personnel. When you hire a security guard from a small business, you support the local economy. You will have the opportunity to make connections in the community, as well. 

For more information on factory security, contact a professional near you.