Improve Your Home Security By Putting Security Screens On Your Doors And Windows

If you want to improve home security, you might be interested in learning how security screens can help. Your windows are often the weak link in your home security, especially when you open the windows to let in the breeze. Security screens can be put on windows of all sizes as well as doors of different types, including patio doors. Here's what you need to know.

Security Screens Are Made Of Metal Mesh

These screens are similar to traditional window screens in that they are made of mesh that allows the breeze to waft in, but that keeps mosquitoes and other bugs out. However, the security mesh is made from steel, so it is much stronger than a traditional window screen.

The screen can't be ripped open to allow an intruder access. The steel security mesh even protects your home from flying projectiles during a hurricane. An intruder can't knock the screen out with a bat or cut it out. They might poke holes in it by stabbing at the screen, but the holes won't rip and get big enough to let an intruder get access to your home.

The Frames Are Extra Secure Too

The frames are made from steel, so they are strong. Plus, the screens are custom made so they have a snug fit. This makes the screens impossible to remove from the outside. However, the screens have a safety latch on the inside that allows you to unlock the screen so you have quick access to an open window or door if you need to get out of your house fast. This makes security screens a safer and better option than having bars installed on your windows.

Security Screens Have Many Benefits

These screens make your home more secure against violent weather and intruders, and they have secondary benefits as well. For instance, if you love to let the breeze in your home, but you're afraid of leaving windows open, you won't have to worry any longer when you have steel mesh in the windows. You can open your windows and doors and let fresh air fill your house. You can even sleep at night with your bedroom window open and not rely as much on your air conditioning.

Security screens can also make your home more attractive. By eliminating the need for metal bars, the screens make your home more inviting and attractive. They look like any other screen so your windows have a tidy appearance even though they are strong enough to protect you from an aggressive intruder or hurricane.