4 Crucial Roles Of Fire Protection Services In Securing Your Factory

Manufacturing processes are prone to fires from different hazards, including flammable materials, high voltage lines, and reactive chemicals. A factory fire has the potential to cause great damage to inventory, equipment, and machinery. In worst-case scenarios, there are human fatalities. Therefore, fire protection services can play a crucial role in protecting your manufacturing facilities and the people working in them. Some of these fire protection roles include:

Installation and Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment

A fire protection system has two components. There are fire detectors and alarms that signal the breakout of a fire. These include smoke detectors and fire break glass call points. The other component is the fire suppression system, which includes sprinklers and fire extinguishers. These systems must work in concert to contain a fire as fast as possible.

Commercial fire protection services install all crucial elements of a fire protection system to cover the whole factory. They design the system to focus on areas with higher risks of a fire-breaking breakout, like stocks of flammable materials.

Fire protection services also do regular maintenance checks to ensure the equipment is working. For example, they will check whether the batteries in fire detectors are dead. They also ensure fire extinguishers are changed as expected.

Develop a Fire Safety Plan

A fire safety plan is a comprehensive plan to prevent fire breakouts and suppress them when they occur. Fire protection services developed this plan with details such as:

  • Storage of flammable inventory
  • Disposal of waste that poses a fire hazard
  • Fire evacuation procedures, including the designation of safe fire exits
  • Fire risk reduction policies like the prohibition of smoking in specific areas
  • Fire suppression procedures using different equipment

Fire Safety Training

Everyone must be aware of how to behave and what to do in case of a fire breakout. Therefore, fire protection services develop a training manual with fire prevention and suppression measures.

The fire protection service will also conduct training for the staff, including fire drills, to assess their understanding and preparation. The training becomes helpful when a fire breaks out because the response is better coordinated, helping save lives and property.

Ensure Fire Safety Compliance

Public and workplace safety regulations require all businesses to deploy fire protection systems. Fire protection services ensure you are aware of these regulations and also help comply. It keeps the business safe from various non-compliance penalties.

Are you concerned about fire hazards in your factory? Talk to fire protection services about measures to make your workplace safer from fire threats.