Should You Hire Fire Watch Security Services For Your Construction Site?

As someone who regularly oversees construction sites for work, you might be reluctant to bring on new personnel for every job. However, it's important to protect workers and the site from fires that could break out during a project. Fire watch security guard services are sometimes hired to assist on construction sites. Why might you hire these special guards?

They Can Raise Red Flags About Fire Hazards

The workers on a construction site are likely attending to their own tasks. They might fail to notice fire hazards around the site. Fire watch guards, however, can patrol the site daily to identify and eliminate fire hazards that could lead to a problem. In fact, some municipalities will ask that a fire watch guard be present until the entire project is done.

Fire watch guards can be especially valuable on large sites. You might not be able to see or monitor an entire site several times a day, but fire watch guards can patrol the whole area and note any possible problems.

They Can Lower Risks When Flammable or Hazardous Materials Are Present

Some flammable liquids or other hazardous materials might be onsite during construction. Not only should workers be trained to work with those materials in a safe way, but fire watch professionals are also needed. They can ensure that hazardous chemicals are handled properly, stored safely, and removed from the spot before they cause a fire.

They Can Help When Water or Security Systems Aren't Functioning

If your site is nearly complete but sprinkler systems aren't completed or the water supply has been interrupted, the risk of fire and fire damage is present. With fire watch guards there, you can worry less. You might also notify clients that even after construction is complete, fire watch guards can step in whenever other fire prevention methods aren't working.

They Can Create a Paper Trail

An often overlooked benefit of fire watch guards is the paper trail they create as they keep notes and logs of their work. If there is a fire, you and others will be able to look over the work that the guards did and determine how to better protect sites going forward. 

Maintaining safety and avoiding damage during construction projects are important. Fire watch security personnel could prove to be invaluable members of your team. Discuss your projects with fire watch security services in the area and explore solutions that could benefit your own team.