Having An Event? 2 Tips When Hiring Security

If you are having an event, it is important that you keep everyone attending safe. Fortunately, there are many ways you can provide this safety, two of which are listed below. You can then enjoy your event without having to worry.

Use Armed Security Guards

One way to increase security is to hire a security company that offers armed security guards. Armed guards will deter most people from causing problems. You could have an armed security guard at the entrance into your event. If you have a different exit, have an armed security guard posted there as well. If your event requires a ticket, the armed security guard can ensure everyone who enters has the right type of ticket. You could also have an armed security guard walking around your event if your event is very large. 

If something were to happen, having an armed security guard will mean a much quicker response time. They can apprehend someone, if possible, and get help to your event if needed. For example, the armed security guard will immediately notify police, ambulance, firetrucks, etc. You do want to make sure your armed security guards are always visible to all guests attending the event. The weapons the security guards are carrying should also be visible. 

Use Security for Cyber Threats

You also have to consider cyber threats along with physical threats. You never know if someone would hack into your Wi-Fi to get personal information about your guests. If someone gets into the Wi-Fi network, they could then hack into your guests' smartphones or other electronic devices and get personal information.

To prevent this from happening, set up a secure password for your Wi-Fi. This password should be long and a series of letters, numbers, and symbols. If you want your guests to have the password, put it on the registration card, or choose another discreet method. Tell your guests to not share the password with anyone. If you are not sure how to secure the Wi-Fi, hire an IT technician to set things up, and make sure everything is secure. The venue where you are holding your event may already have a Wi-Fi network. If so, ask them what security measures they are taking to ensure your guest's devices are not hacked. 

There are other ways you can provide security for your event, such as screening all staff. Consider installing security cameras that are easily seen and developing an escape plan in case something does happen.

For more information about event security, contact a local security service.