3 Ways Home Automation Makes Your Life More Convenient

Home automation involves the use of apps or devices to streamline various components of your home- from your security system to your HVAC system- to make your home more convenient and secure. Recent technology advances have made smart home automation easier to use and more affordable than ever, with 91 million homes in the United States and Europe expected to utilize home automation by 2020. Here are three ways home automation can make your life much more convenient.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can be locked or unlocked from anywhere with your smartphone. Once you enable smart locks on your phone, your locks will even recognize you and your phone (and anyone else you authorize) when you approach your home, which means there will be no more fumbling with keys in the dark or while struggling to get groceries inside. Instead of risking a break-in by hiding a key under a mat or giving out spare keys to babysitters, repair technicians, and so forth, you can simply unlock the door for someone from your phone and then lock it again when they leave.

Smart lock technology can even be used for garage doors, so you never have to worry again that you forgot to close the garage door when you left for the day.

HVAC Control

Another super-convenient feature of smart home automation is HVAC control. You can program your home to stay certain temperatures during certain times and change the temperature remotely whenever you want. If you're at work, you can lower the AC or heat to save energy and then have your home back to your ideal comfortable temperature by the time you get home. With HVAC automation, your home will always be comfortable, and you will notice savings on your energy bills as well.

Integration with Home Security

Whichever home-automation features you choose to install can be seamlessly integrated with your security system. This means you can control your HVAC system, smart locks, and even your lighting from the same home panel and same smartphone app you use to control your home security system. You can arm or disarm your alarm, schedule it to turn on, or access video feed from your security cameras just as easily and conveniently as you can turn on your AC or lock your back door.

By integrating smart home automation into your life, your home will soon be a much more convenient and comfortable place to live.