Specific Locations To Have Security Staff Posted At Your Trade Show

When you're organizing a trade show that will be attended by a wide range of vendors/industry members and guests alike, one of the things that you'll need to think about is getting security for the event. Even though you're likely not anticipating a boisterous affair, hiring security staff is always a good idea to make sure that things stay under control. Speak with a security firm, such as Security Unlimited, to talk about the nature of your event, the size of the venue, and the number of people you expect to attend, and the security expert will be able to make a recommendation as to the number of staff members you should hire. Regardless of that number, here are some ideal locations to have the staff posted.

In The Parking Lot

It never hurts to have a security presence in the parking lot of the event. This can be helpful in a few different ways. If the event you're organizing is high end, there may be numerous expensive vehicles in the lot. Having a security staff member posted in the area can deter people who may wish to visit in the hopes of taking a vehicle. Additionally, if the event will be ending in the evening, a security member in the lot can help people feel more safe as they walk to their vehicles.

Near High-Value Booths

Giving out items is a common occurrence at many trade shows, and some businesses will have a valuable selection of items at their booth. Keeping a security guard posted in this area will help to deter those who may be tempted to have sticky fingers. For example, a company may be raffling off a new tablet for people who sign up for a service; with a guard nearby, you won't have to worry about the hassle of the tablet disappearing.

At The Front Entrance

Typically, you'll have some staff members signing in guests near the front entrance, but it's advantageous to keep a security staff member posted in this area, too. Occasionally, someone who isn't supposed to be at the event may sign up — perhaps with dubious intentions. If this person gives any trouble to your staff members who are handling the sign-in process, the security person can quietly and professionally usher the person away. Then, depending on the nature of the encounter, you can be called to help make a decision on how to proceed, or the security staff member can escort the person out of the building.