Home Security: Three Ways To Secure Your Backyard

Your backyard is where your children and your pets play, and it needs to be as secure as possible to keep them safe. Some yards can be easy for would-be thieves to access and even hide in. To keep your family and home protected, your home security system should extend beyond your house and into your backyard. Here are a few options for securing your property.

Alarmed Security Gates

Security gates with alarms can serve a number of purposes. They can alert you when someone has attempted to enter your backyard, and if the kids are playing outside, they can also let you know if your children are trying to leave the yard. You may choose to have more than one gate, depending on how your property is set up. A large gate can be used in your driveway if the garage sits behind the house, and a smaller pedestrian gate can be used on any side walkways or entrances to the alley. These gates have security keypads that let you enter a code for entry, and they can be wired to your home security system to notify your security company of an unauthorized entry.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Like security gates, security cameras are multi-functional. Cameras connected to your wireless home security system make it easy to monitor your children at play even if you aren't outside, and they can also deter would-be burglars. Train the cameras on the areas where your children play, such as a swing set or play house, and position them over the entrances to your home and garage. If you have a swimming pool, consider having a camera and an alarmed security gate set up around the pool so you can monitor anyone entering the pool area without permission.

Eliminate Hiding Spots

If your yard has a lot of shrubbery or other areas where a burglar might hide, consider doing a bit of remodeling to the backyard. Eliminating these blind spots will better help the cameras to pick up any movement, and it will make it more difficult for a thief to enter your home through the backyard. If your children have outdoor playhouses, secure the doors with padlocks when they aren't in use to eliminate another space for thieves. Any sheds or garages should be locked at all times, and they should also have motion-sensor lights for an added layer of security.

Your backyard should be as secure as your home. Work with your home security company to ensure you have the right security measures installed in your yard to keep your family safe and to deter possible criminal activity.

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