Five Reasons Your All-Female Security Agency Will Thrive

Opening a private security firm can be a fruitful venture. There is no shortage of clients who are looking for security officers. You can net contracts with major event venues, notable people around town, and businesses that need daily and nightly security guards. If you are interested in opening an all-female security agency, this can also be to your benefit. Here are five reasons why your all-female security team can thrive. 

Popularity in industries with children

As with teaching and daycare, the majority of individuals who work with children are women. If security is needed at children events or to escort children to different places, your security firm will be the first firm called. Be sure to advertise your security firm with schools, airports, and other venues that may need someone to help with school.

Ability to cross cultural and religious lines

Some religions and cultures suggest that the sexes remain separate and that unrelated men and women should not have close contact. Having an all-female security firm means that you can offer a much-needed segment of security for women who are members of these cultures and religions. 

Woman-centric uniforms 

With mixed-sex security companies, the uniforms can often be geared toward men. The required uniform for everyone may even come in pants and a jacket that is cut for men. With an all-female security company, you can gear the uniforms toward female comfort. This means selecting pants that accommodate curves in a better way. 

Lack of fear for women who want to apply

There are women who are interested in the private security sector but are intimidated due to the low numbers of women involved in many security companies. At your all-female security firm, any incoming class of female security guards will be completely at home. Female course instructors and management also mean that there is no glass ceiling that your workers feel that they have to break through. 

Increase in the visibility of women in security

Some clubs and other venues would like to hire women in particular to work their events but may not be aware of how to request female security officers. If you make your security firm visible, you will be the first point of contact for those who are interested in a female protection entourage. Starting a brand new all-female security agency can tap into new companies who ordinarily wouldn't hire out security but now feel comfortable giving it a try. 

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