4 Tips For Hiring A Security Guard For An Event

If you are planning an event, having the right services available are a must to ensure that the event runs smoothly. This includes a security guard service that can help control the event, which is especially important if your event is going to have a large number of guests and a famous attendee. If you need a security guard for your event, here are four tips for doing this the right way:

  1. Have a Meeting With the Security Guard Before the Event: You don't want to meet your security guard for the first time at the event. Instead, you should meet them well before the event so you can discuss your expectations from their services. This gives the security guard an idea of where they need to be and when and what is their most important job. For example, if you have a large number of guests, you are likely going to want your security guard posted at the entrance so they can be sure that no one is sneaking in and your security guard should be aware that this will likely be their main priority on the day of the event. 
  2. Have the Security There During Set Up: Although you may have to pay more for their hourly services, you should have the security guard there with you during the set up. This way the security guard can assess the safety of the event location and what areas to look out for once the event starts. The security guard should also be there up until the last guest has left the event and the event set up is taken down. This way they can be sure nothing is stolen during clean up when most people are too busy to pay attention.
  3. Know the Time of Special Guest Arrival: If you are having a special guest that you know your other guests will be swarming when they arrive, then you want to be sure that you have a clear idea of the time that they will be arriving. This way, the security guard can clear the area and be there to control guests from swarming and potentially causing harm to your special guest. 
  4. Check for Insurance Coverage: When you hire a security guard through a security company service, you want to be sure that the company provides their security guards with insurance coverage that ensures you are not held liable if the security guard becomes injured throughout the course of the event. This will protect you financially, as well as ensure that you are hiring from a professional and reputable company.

When you consider these four tips when hiring a security guard, you can be sure that you receive the most from their services, which ensures you are getting the most for your money.