Protecting Your New Shop From Shoplifters

If you have just opened a small retail shop, security should be a major concern for you. Businesses lose a lot of money due to shoplifters each year and you want to do all you can to decrease the amount of money you will have walking out your doors. This article will help you to understand the different measures you should be taking to protect your business.

Train Your Staff on What to Do

Your employees are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business from shoplifters. While you want them to help prevent thefts, you also don't want them to leave customers feeling insulted and smothered.

Your staff should be instructed to make eye contact with customers as they walk through the door and greet them properly. By making eye contact, they are ensuring they know what that person looks like. It also lets the person know they have been seen and if they are a good customer then it makes them feel welcomed. Your staff should continue to make eye contact with customers and give them a friendly smile for the duration of their visit.

Also, instruct your staff to quietly call the police when a shoplifting is occurring. They should not get into a confrontation with the thief because this puts them at risk of being seriously injured by the thief.

Set the Store Up to Make It Easier to Spot Shoplifters

Place your displays at a low enough height that your employees will be able to see over all of them. This way, a shoplifter won't be able to hide behind them to take your merchandise. Place tilted mirrors along the ceiling so your staff can see those hidden areas in the mirrors.

Label sections of the shop so employees can quickly communicate to one another which area may be compromised.

The sales floor should never be left unattended, so you should have at least two employees working if it's a small shop.

Put a Good Security System in Place

You should have a security system in place that immediately alerts you to a theft so you can get a fast response from law enforcement. All possible merchandise should have anti-theft stickers and security tags on them.

The system should also have cameras that cover the doors, the cash register area and all sections of the store. There are many types of cameras on the market, and some of them don't give you the best picture quality. Grainy videos make it very hard to identify criminals. It's much better to invest in a security system with cameras that offer clear images.

Now that you know how to keep your shop safer from shoplifters, your losses may decrease. You may want to invest in a retail security system.